[FFmpeg-devel] VP5 interlaced mode, any hints?

Aurelien Jacobs aurel
Fri Nov 30 00:09:24 CET 2007

Reimar D?ffinger wrote:

> Hello,
> this is a sample for the VP5 interlaced mode:
> http://samples.mplayerhq.hu/V-codecs/VP5/vp5_interlace.avi
> does someone have any hints what is needed to make it play right?
> I creates the typical artefacts that appear when you either use the
> wrong IDCT or use it on the wrong data...

I started implementing "interlaced" vp6 decoding some times ago.
I never finished it, but I think the code is almost OK.
At least bitstream parsing should be OK (even for vp5).
Unfortunately it don't produce much better result with your
vp5 file.
(see attached patch)

> I also added another vp5 file:
> http://samples.mplayerhq.hu/V-codecs/VP5/vp5_artefacts.nsv
> which has some artefacts but there I am not sure it isn't just
> broken.a

The binary codec decodes it with the same artefacts. So the
file seems to be broken.

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