[FFmpeg-devel] Detect IPv6 on Darwin

Marc Manthey marc
Sat Oct 6 12:25:18 CEST 2007

hello streaming people around the globe

sorry for bothering you with my offtopic question regarding DSS and ipv6
since my questions are not answered  in the public apple  list , so i  
am asking here,
because i saw a post  from a while ago


that refers to a document that needs to configured:


so do i need to compile the complete package to
attchive ipv6 compactibility in Darwin streaming server ? http:// 

my setup is :
I am running 2 macintosh machines with osx lates versions, behind my  
linksys WRT54G
with openWRT.org on a static ip , got a tunnel and a  /64 subnet from  
and like to stream from an ipv6 enabled DSS to an multicast enabled  

my idea :

I have a friend  ,Peter Rosen  he is an artist/ musican like me ,but  
he lives in  hawai,
he is not a very techie person , but  very creative and has a great  
mind and is founder of

i want to "relay " or "reflect"  his  stream from his QT broadcaster  
or VCL to my ipv6 enabled DSS.

Could you give me a few hints with compiling  and set up , i never  
did something like that.

I am doing this without any financial interest and i willing to share

a howto on my blog when i successfully get things working.

thanks for your time

all the best

Marc Manthey

Marc Manthey -
LET -  research + deployment
D- 50672 Cologne
Hildeboldplatz 1a
phone &mobile:


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