[FFmpeg-devel] Bugreport: compiling fails with -fPIC used

Thorsten Jordan tjordan
Mon Oct 15 14:00:30 CEST 2007

Ronald S. Bultje schrieb:
> Hi,
> On 10/15/07, Thorsten Jordan <tjordan at macrosystem.de> wrote:
>> btw., what is -mno-dynamic-pic ? my gcc doesnt like it.
> It's -mdynamic-no-pic, sorry...

i fear it's getting off-topic, but what should that option do? I can't
find good information after some googling.
As far as i understood, if the code is not position-independent, it has
to be re-instantiated in every process that uses libavcodec.so
(linux/shared libraries), so much more RAM is used. Afaik position
independence is the precondition for making the sharing of code between
processes work for shared libraries. If that is true, the flag won't be
of use here :-/

Greetings, Thorsten

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