[FFmpeg-devel] PacketVideo PVPlayer lockup

Larry Reisler larry
Tue Oct 16 16:54:08 CEST 2007

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New to this list, just sending a contribution.


We have noted that certain versions of the PacketVideo PVPlayer on the Symbian handset lock up when they receive a .3gp file generated by ffmpeg (in fact, they lock up the whole phone).  


After doing a comparison with other encoders (which generated playable files), it became clear that the major difference was that the other encoders either generated a udta block with data, or didn?t generate it at all.  It seems like the problem is that ffmpeg will generate a ?udta? tag even if there is not data in the block.  It seems like PacketVideo doesn?t like this.  


When we commented out the mov_write_udta_tag call in libavformat/movenc.c line 1358 entirely, the file was playable.


I am not familiar enough with the file format to figure out how hard this would be, but would it be reasonable to put in a check before printing the tag to see if it would be empty?  There is a check like that in mov_write_meta_tag.  Or perhaps there could be a command line option to skip the udta tag entirely?



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