[FFmpeg-devel] PacketVideo PVPlayer lockup

Larry Reisler larry
Wed Oct 17 11:33:21 CEST 2007

Thanks very much.

I agree that PVPlayer is not ffmpeg's business, and I am filing a separate bug report to them.

I figured you would want to be sure that there was no ambiguity in the output that ffmpeg produced.  And it probably makes the program (and the programs that read its output) a nanosecond or so faster.


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M?ns Rullg?rd wrote:
> Larry Reisler wrote:
>> We have noted that certain versions of the PacketVideo PVPlayer on the Symbian
>> handset lock up when they receive a .3gp file generated by ffmpeg (in fact,
>> they lock up the whole phone).
> That's not really our problem, is it?  You should file a bug report to
> whoever wrote that app.

Indeed PVPlayer crash is none of our business.

>> After doing a comparison with other encoders (which generated playable files),
>> it became clear that the major difference was that the other encoders either
>> generated a udta block with data, or didn?t generate it at all.  It seems like
>> the problem is that ffmpeg will generate a ?udta? tag even if there is not data
>> in the block.  It seems like PacketVideo doesn?t like this.
> What do the specs say about this block?  Is a zero-sized udta block legal?
> If not, we should of course fix FFmpeg so as not to create such files.
> That said, the player is still broken if it crashes on invalid data.

3GP specs defines it, and it is allowed to be empty, it has size of 8
actually, quoting TS 26.244:

"Within the user-data box, there may reside sub-boxes that contain asset
meta-data, taken from the list of boxes in table 8.1 through 8.10 below
(zero or more sub-boxes of each kind, zero or one for each language or
role of location information). Each of the sub-boxes conforms to the
definition of a "full box" as specified in [7] (hence the 'Version' and
'Flags' fields)."

I disabled writing of "udta" though, because what we could write in any
way is not conforming to specs.

So files should should play in PVPlayer now.

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