[FFmpeg-devel] OGG (theora+vorbis) encoding with latest SVN

Stefan M. Fendt stefan
Wed Oct 17 12:43:41 CEST 2007


I have checked out (yesterday) ffmpeg and tried to encode some video to
OGG (using -vcodec libtheora -acodec vorbis -f ogg). It works so far,
that I get a file... but this doesn't seem to be replayable by any
decoder I have tested it with. Do I make some stupid mistakes? 

command was:
ffmpeg -i video.m2v \
       -i audio.mp2 \
       -vcodec libtheora \
       -acodec vorbis \
       -f ogg \

As ffmpeg was compiled with --enable-libtheora and ogg/theora/vorbis
being open-source, I didn't expect any problems at all... hmm...


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