[FFmpeg-devel] PS3 Cell BE Optimizations

Kristian Jerpetjøn kristian.jerpetjoen
Thu Oct 18 16:52:54 CEST 2007

On 18/10/2007, Luca Barbato <lu_zero at gentoo.org> wrote:
> Bartosz Kulicki wrote:
> > Hi All,
> >
> > First excuse me if this is inappropriate forums for this.
> > I'd like to start fund raiser for writing optimizations to ffmpeg (and/or
> > mplayer?) to enable full 1080p h264 playback on PS3 system (under linux fb
> > or X11).
> >
> > For start I'd like to offer 300 euro.
> >
> > Would any of key ffmpeg developers agree to become trustee of this fund ?
> > (ie hold funds until successful implementation is made available)
> >
> there is work being done on the mplayer side by some people (not me)
> check
> http://svn.ps2dev.org/listing.php?repname=ps3ware&path=%2Ftrunk%2Fspu-medialib%2F&rev=20&sc=0
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>From Spu-Medialib side.


We have made an mplayer vo module that offloads the colorspace
conversion and scaling to the spe already. (reduces ppu load on a
1280x1920 at 60 fps mpeg2 video from 90->30%)

Currently i am looking into making and Xv driver for the same spu
acelleration as the vo and i recon Bill Garrett the author of the (ppu
side) of the mplayer vo will join me on that work amongst others.

We have started to look a bit on mpeg2 on spe's made a very fast idct
etc already. 364 cycles interleaved which is the same as 2000FPS
1920x1080p Y frame (but thats not including clamping inverse zigzag
quantisation and bit decoding) on a single spe.

But we need to work out a better ppu<->spu  spu<->spu communication
system before continuing.

We should be able to make h264 go a bit faster using spe's provided
someone rewrites parts of the ffmpeg so that some of the data to be
processed is double buffered in and out and memaligned to 16 bytes. In
some of the more repeating parts of the code.

However the ultimate goal is to completely offload decoding and
scaling to the spe's and more!

Anyone are welcome to join spu-medialib as long as they have a ps3 to
develop on. And feel confident that they can contribute.

Reason we do this as a lib outside mplayer and ffmpeg is two things..
1 The need for a spu cross compiler to compile it
2 The acellerations can be reused anywhere there is a spu system but
packs extra spu binaries into the binary.

Perhaps even on the spursengine, QS21 and other future spu style HW.

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