[FFmpeg-devel] PS3 Cell BE Optimizations

Brian Raymond braymond
Fri Oct 19 21:05:42 CEST 2007

Guillaume Poirier wrote:
> Hello,
> Bartosz Kulicki wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> First excuse me if this is inappropriate forums for this.
>> I'd like to start fund raiser for writing optimizations to ffmpeg (and/or
>> mplayer?) to enable full 1080p h264 playback on PS3 system (under linux fb
>> or X11).
> How close to realtime is the current implementation? How big of a
> speed-up would be needed to bring decoding speed to realtime?

I have played with playback on my PS3 system and two things stick out as 

1. First a general playback problem, AFAIK the video driver is still 
unaccelerated so drawing that much video at that rate is not possible. 
This is something that will come with a driver for the Nvidia card in 
the PS3 and it would offload CPU spent doing it in software.

2. The second is the issue you are attempting to address. The PS3 has an 
SMT 3.2GHz PPC970 for general purpose usage, which at this point is all 
the code will run on. It does not have Altivec so it is no where near 
realtime, the SPUs would need to to the brunt of the work for it to be 


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