[FFmpeg-devel] FFSERVER/FFMPEG Broken? --- Broken!

Måns Rullgård mans
Mon Oct 22 01:13:29 CEST 2007

Piero Bugoni <ffmpeg.devel at yahoo.com> writes:

>> It's not a dozen hours of work and it should not be more than 3-4 hours
>> of time (90% of which you can do other things).  I'm talking from
>> experience here, I've done it many many times.
> I'm not sure this is entirely true, but it doesn't really matter. I
> could probably do it in short time if I focussed on it, but I just
> don't give a fuck.
> More important, there is a principal here. I did not break the
> fucking thing, I'm not going to take the time to fix it. (Or even
> try).
> As far as I am concerned everyone who has committed since the last
> known-good rev needs to check their shit. I think this is a minimum
> responsibility that goes with having commit status: Check your shit! 
> (If for no other reason than to eliminate your changes as a possible
> cause). And, perhaps more practically, I do not think it will take
> anyone very long to reflect on what they have done in the past few
> months and suggest a possible culprit. At least from there I would
> consider investigating. Walking around blindfolded trying to scoop
> up other peoples poop is not my thing.
>> If you don't have enough time to spare, that's unfortunate, but the
>> issue is likely to remain unresolved until somebody else finds the time
>> and motivation to do it...
> I don't care. It's not my software. Non-working code reflects upon the
> developers. Not me. There are revs that sort-of work, and they can be used. 

I'll tell you what reflects on you: your extremely rude attitude.

I'm having a very strong urge to ban this idiot from ever posting to
ffmpeg-devel again.

M?ns Rullg?rd
mans at mansr.com

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