[FFmpeg-devel] receiving 2 video streams at once via rtsp

Alexey Maksimov alexey.maksimov
Mon Oct 22 13:35:36 CEST 2007

Hi Luca,

> I tried to have a look at this issue...
> Alexey Maksimov wrote:
> > I'm trying to develop a player that plays 2 rtsp streams at once.
> > If I try to play 2 rtsp streams with 2 instances of ffplay, second
> > one says: "bind: Address is already in use" while first one is
> > opened.
> I cannot reproduce this (are you using latest svn?). What I see is
> that the second ffplay instance stalls until the first one terminates.

That's it. It seems I failed to describe my situation clearly. Sorry.
Yes I also checked this with latest svn.
Currently I'm trying to use 20070307 - just because it's default in
gutsy - to the same result.

> I looked at the code, and I cannot understand how it ever worked...
> Anyway, the attached trivial patch fixes the bug, and allows to run
> two ffplay instances.
Thanks, I'll look into that.

Best regards,
> That said, I do not know if this fix is acceptable, or if there are
> more elegant ways to fix the code.
> 				Luca

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