[FFmpeg-devel] How to get video frame offset position in TS file ?

The Wanderer inverseparadox
Wed Oct 24 12:54:20 CEST 2007

Thomas Parmegiani wrote:

[that Thomas Parmegiani wrote:]

>> Hi all !
>> I am trying to get the start position of the current frame read
>> (using av_read_frame) of my TS source file.
>> To get this position I use :
>> ic->streams[video_index]->parser->frame_offset.
>> It is working if I use it with a .m2v file (without any audio). but
>> if I use it on my original TS file which contains audio the frame
>> offset is wrong. Did I miss something to get my video frame offset
>> in case I have audio ?
> Hi all !
> I am sorry to post this message again but I still did not found any
> answer. If anyone can help me...

Your question is about how to use the FFmpeg libraries in the
development of your own program, not about anything related to the
development of FFmpeg. Therefore, it is a user question rather than a
developer question, and belongs on the -user list.

You will not necessarily get an answer there either, but at least your
question will not be offtopic.

Note also that one day is not a terribly long time to wait before
repeating a question; unless the matter is specifically time-critical
(which you did not indicate that it is), two or three days - if not a
week - would be a more appropriate delay.

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