[FFmpeg-devel] [Patch] Alternative OS/2 patch

Dave Yeo daveryeo
Thu Oct 25 07:10:59 CEST 2007

As mentioned in the other thread this was my original idea for a patch. 
This patch is much clearer and imho more proper.
Basically echos everything needed to a DEF file then runs emxexp on the 
objects to extract the exports.
After building the DLL it runs emximp on the DEF (could also run on the 
DLL) to create the import libs. Both OMF and a.out format.
This fits in much better to the build process, no overwriting DLLs or 
other weirdness just create a DEF and link with it. Also unlike previous 
patch supports --enable-shared --disable-static.
While right now this patch builds working ffmpeg etc, but the 
description field of the DEF is broken. I'm not sure how to escape 
things so ending up with a line something like
DESCRIPTION "avcodec-51.47.1.dll"
I'd also like to expand the description, ideally in a form that the 
bldlevel tool can extract.
I've also added stripping with lxlite. I should of before but was having 
  problems testing on the command line. Works fine when called by make 
anyways shrinks eg avcodec-51.47.1.dll by 8647793 bytes of which close 
to 7MBs is debug code.
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