[FFmpeg-devel] H.264 + PAFF: BBC HD recording shows extreme interlacing artefacts

Reinhard Nissl rnissl
Sun Oct 28 12:58:54 CET 2007


Michael Niedermayer schrieb:

>> Mplayer shows the same issue, at least when using xv. I assume that the
>> above suggested changes are only meant for getting a PNG image, isn't it?
> you need -vf scale=0:0:1 with mplayer and that will work with any vo which
> doesnt support yuv (that is it will work with -vo x11)

Thanks for this information. The following command line really creates
images, that show properly aligned luma and chroma after splitting them
into even and odd lines.

	mplayer -vo x11 -vf scale=0:0:1 001.vdr.es.h264

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