[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] Make RTP work with IPv6 enabled

Nicolas George nicolas.george
Mon Oct 29 15:46:44 CET 2007

L'octidi 8 brumaire, an CCXVI, Luca Abeni a ?crit?:
> However... I decided to have a look at this getaddrinfo() stuff, and the
> first thing that linux manpages say is "creates one or more socket address
> structures that can be used by the bind(2) and connect(2)". sendto() is
> not mentioned. So, I am wondering if an address prepared by getaddrinfo()
> can be used by sendto() or not (it works on Linux, but maybe it is not
> required to work?).

Single Unix just says "socket address". I believe that the mention of bind
and connect in the Linux manpage is just an example.

> Even after reading Nicolas message, I still do not understand why the good
> old way of filling sockaddr structures should be replaced with this...

There are two problems with the good old way:

- The size of the address structure is not a compile-time constant, nor are
  the layout of its fields.

- It is necessary to try several addresses in order to find one that work
  (unless you want to let the user do it).

> Ok, I am going to read some more documentation...

The standard reference for these issues is Unix Network Programming, by
Richard Stevens. The Chapter 11 probably what you are looking for.

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