[FFmpeg-devel] [Patch] Alternative OS/2 patch

Dave Yeo daveryeo
Tue Oct 30 00:27:40 CET 2007

On 10/24/07 10:10 pm, Dave Yeo wrote:
> As mentioned in the other thread this was my original idea for a patch. 
> This patch is much clearer and imho more proper.
> Basically echos everything needed to a DEF file then runs emxexp on the 
> objects to extract the exports.
> After building the DLL it runs emximp on the DEF (could also run on the 
> DLL) to create the import libs. Both OMF and a.out format.
> This fits in much better to the build process, no overwriting DLLs or 
> other weirdness just create a DEF and link with it. Also unlike previous 
> patch supports --enable-shared --disable-static.
> While right now this patch builds working ffmpeg etc, but the 
> description field of the DEF is broken. I'm not sure how to escape 
> things so ending up with a line something like
> DESCRIPTION "avcodec-51.47.1.dll"
> I'd also like to expand the description, ideally in a form that the 
> bldlevel tool can extract.
> I've also added stripping with lxlite. I should of before but was having 
>  problems testing on the command line. Works fine when called by make 
> anyways shrinks eg avcodec-51.47.1.dll by 8647793 bytes of which close 
> to 7MBs is debug code.
> Dave
Slightly updated patch attached. Simplified the SLIB_INSTALL_EXTRA_CMD 
and fixed echoing of DESCRIPTION. Seems there is no way to escape a 
single quote in a single quoted string
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