[FFmpeg-devel] video engine on ffmpeg

Lukasz M lukasz.m.luki
Sat Sep 1 00:34:02 CEST 2007


I'm new on list so hello everyone :)

Few days ago i started to write my video player based on ffmpeg. It makes me a 
little angry, that it's so complicated. I decided to write a simple library 
that makes life easier. I'm sending first working version with example 
program. (this example program is very simple, but I was concentrated on 
If you want to add it do ffmpeg project or publicate on webpage as a help then 
be my guest :) I put header to files - you can changed it, if you want.

Few words about it.

First it's needed to call 

engine_init(char *filename, \
void(*callbackVideo)(AVEngineState *engine, AVPicture *picture), \
void(*callbackAudio)(AVEngineState* state, int16_t *stream, int len));

filename it's a file to play. Then we have to only get audio data with the 
function engine_get_audio(AVEngineState* state, int8_t *stream, int len);
This function might be used as a SDL audio callback. When it's time to display 
a picture, my library call callbackVideo function and user have to only 
display a picture given as a parameter. when we pause audio, callback video 
will not be called untill play again. there is also audio callback. This 
function is called after decoding audio packets, so it's easy way to make 
some stuff on it (e.g. implementing equalizer). I've made also seeking to 
certain time (not only to key frames) and softwere volume controler.

compiled with:
gcc test.c avengine.c -o play -lavformat -I/usr/include/ffmpeg 
`sdl-config --libs --cflags` -lswscale

I hope you like it. :)
Sorry for my english :)
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