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Michael Niedermayer michaelni
Sat Sep 1 01:24:11 CEST 2007


On Fri, Aug 31, 2007 at 04:03:57PM -0700, Piero Bugoni wrote:
> Did some testing recently:
> Example Bitrates:
> (CIF size, 29.97 fps).
> Pure-Blue, no-input signal when camera is disconnected:
> around 65 to 100 kbps
> An ordinary white wall, some texture, ordinary lighting, no movement:
> 165 to 225 kbps
> White Noise:
> 1200 kbps 
> These were the sorts of rates that result when no "Qmin|Qmax" is specified, (in
> ffserver.conf, or on the command line). I am not sure at this point that the
> "Q" values reported on the command line by ffmpeg are correct.
> When changing between images ffmpeg did not adjust bitrates very much. But
> after stopping and resarting, it would adjust itself to the rates mentioned.
> I could not tell if setting VideoBitRateRange had any effect.
> I was able to get a decent video (CIF size, 3 fps) of a desk and computer
> screen across the ADSL line at  around 320 kbps by setting Qmin/Qmax to
> particular ranges like 1-3, or 3-6, 5-9, etc. By starting with these values
> unset, then setting them across a range, you can "tune" the bitrate some to
> your available bandwidth.
> I cant tell right now how much ffmpeg/ffserver can react to major changes in a
> stream that affect bitrate. When the camera went from no-input to white-noise,
> the stream just stopped.

well maybe bitrate control in ffserver is broken, but if thats the case the
solution is to fix it ...

also please try using plain ffmpeg with no ffserver and provide the command
lines with the test above 


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