[FFmpeg-devel] ffmpeg or ffserver to stream?

Claudio Bertozzi becl75
Sat Sep 1 15:37:34 CEST 2007

I'll be happy to see anything useful to understand ffserver
functionality and how it works as RTP/RTSP/HTTP streaming server. I'm
trying to write some code to make streaming but seems that ffmpeg made
some errors in RTP streaming, if I watch .mpg video with VLC I don't
see any error, but if I stream it in RTP using:
"ffmpeg -re -i ../../temp.mpg -vcodec copy -an -f rtp
rtp:// -vn" command line, VLC gives me a lot of pts sync
error like:
"main warning: vout synchro warning: pts != current_date (29211)
main warning: dts != current_pts (24367)"
and frames has many visible errors.

is there something wrong in the .mpg file (encoded by myself using
libavcodec library) or in ffmpeg?

2007/9/1, Piero Bugoni <ffmpeg.devel at yahoo.com>:
> I did some testing recently for the sake of updating the ffserver.conf file set
> I am trying to contribute. The info may or may not apply but will be posted in
> that thread.
> P.
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