[FFmpeg-devel] ffmpeg or ffserver to stream?

Luca Abeni lucabe72
Tue Sep 4 09:47:41 CEST 2007


Claudio Bertozzi wrote:
> The strange thing now is that the stream received with VLC it's
> correct (I check it frame by frame with Ethereal checking also the
> timestamps and the frame type and both are well flagged) but VLC
> decode only I.frames skipping all the P-frames

I just repeated my experiments with the "ffmpeg" program (using the 
command line I posted), and vlc can receive the video without problems 
(if audio and video are badly interleaved, you might need to increase 
the vlc receive buffer with "--file-caching 1000", or something like 
that). So, I suspect the problem might be in your code.

BTW, I even went crazy, and streamed an MPEG1 file containing B frames. 
After applying the timestamp patches I posted yesterday, the stream is 
received without problems.

If you find problems by using the "ffmpeg" program, let me know how to 
reproduce them, and I'll fix the bugs.

> Is possible that frame types
> are flagged also in another place (like inside RTP header)?
Yes, the frame type is flagged in the payload header. But I am quite 
sure that such field is filled properly (and, most important, vlc does 
not use this information).

Anyway, I am writing my own streaming program using libav*, but it is 
not releasable yet. If people are interested, I'll try to release a 
first work-in-progress version in few weeks.


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