[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] configure - simplify grab device selection

Ramiro Ribeiro Polla ramiro
Wed Sep 5 00:45:54 CEST 2007

Ramiro Ribeiro Polla wrote:
> Hello,
> Attached patches simplify configure by treating grab devices like 
> normal demuxers. They have a proper check in configure.
> grab_1.diff removes specific --disable-{v4l,v4l2,bktr} options from 
> configure (--disable-demuxer={video_grab_v4l,v4l2,video_grab_bktr} 
> should be used instead)

New patch attached seems simpler (it uses the dependency checker). Only 
v4l devices for now, but the same could be done for bktr, audio_oss...

> grab_2.diff and grab_3.diff removes the video_grab_ prefix from v4l 
> and bktr and reorders alphabetically. It's ugly IMHO.

Ok to rename?

Ramiro Polla
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