[FFmpeg-devel] (no subject)

Alexandre Guion aguion
Fri Sep 21 03:42:09 CEST 2007

Hi all,

I'm working on an mp4 over http that's being rendered very slowly by ffmpeg. Here it is:


I tried some other mp4 files on other website and they work fine. My problem here is that ffmpeg does a seek with SEEK_SET to get the next packet of the file. This seek creates another connection everytime in http.c :

In static offset_t http_seek(URLContext *h, offset_t off, int whence)

    /* if it fails, continue on old connection */
    if (http_open_cnx(h) < 0) {
        s->hd = old_hd;
        s->off = old_off;
        return -1;

I don't know if my problem is more that the website is pretty slow to answer to that GET, or if it's a mistake in mov.c. But I'm pretty sure that my bandwidth is sufficient here, there seems to be a hidden issue. Could anyone help me ?

- Alex Guion

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