[FFmpeg-devel] Interlaced video processing

Maksym Veremeyenko verem
Sat Sep 22 13:20:18 CEST 2007

Dear developers!

I am trying to convert PAL MPEG-2/MJPG to PAL DV25 format (and visa-verse).
Common PAL files has UpperFieldFist by DV want LowerFieldFirst - as 
results of encoding I always got incorrect fields order.

Option '-top X' do not help (none of values),
trick '-croptop 1 -padbottom 1' do not work (due to all crop/pad
operation should be mod2)

What part of *ffmpeg* should carry about field order change/modify: 

Sorry for posting into *devel* list, but none of *user* support able to 
answer my question:

Maksym Veremeyenko

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