[FFmpeg-devel] Big companies taking advantage of ffmpeg developers

Logipole jpiquemal
Sun Sep 23 10:06:56 CEST 2007

I am ojne of the 'big companies taking advantage of ffmpeg developers'.

> I've kept track of several recent ones on MPlayer's related projects page:
> * Konvertor http://www.konvertor.net/indexe.html
> Multimedia file conversion utility containing FFmpeg that fails to give
> credit. They even have our own unmodified windows-all codec pack for
> download.

The credit was originally in the help file. I broke that help file into several small ones and, i apologize, all the credit parts were forgotten.
I have now modified my About box, thi is now the place where the credits are written.
The install program creates a 'licence' folder whre i copy the different license files, the FFMPEG license is there.

Sorry if i made something wrong, i apologize again.


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