[FFmpeg-devel] PAFF: Call for sample files - [Fwd: Paff encoded test files]

Richard S. teetrinker
Tue Sep 25 22:32:16 CEST 2007

[Fwd: Paff encoded test files] from 'Sandon Van Ness <sandon at van-ness.com>'

> Hey dude, I don't have an account with the ffmpeg-devel list and I was
> wondering if you could post adding these files or put them on the site
> you linked to earlier:
> http://box.houkouonchi.net/paff/
> Both don't play right with the newest patch submited today ( 9/25).
> The canon file works but has glitches and the other file won't play at
> all (both paff interlacing).
> Thanks! 

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