[FFmpeg-devel] PAFF: Call for sample files - [Fwd: Paff encoded test files]

Jeff Downs heydowns
Tue Sep 25 23:31:07 CEST 2007

On Tue, 25 Sep 2007, Richard S. wrote:

> [Fwd: Paff encoded test files] from 'Sandon Van Ness <sandon at van-ness.com>'
> > Hey dude, I don't have an account with the ffmpeg-devel list and I was
> > wondering if you could post adding these files or put them on the site
> > you linked to earlier:
> >
> > http://box.houkouonchi.net/paff/
> >
> > Both don't play right with the newest patch submited today ( 9/25).
> > The canon file works but has glitches and the other file won't play at
> > all (both paff interlacing).
> >
> > Thanks! 

Thanks for the additional samples and trying out the patch.
I took a brief look.

canon.mts:  Same problem as previously reported by Neil Brown (blocky 
effects near edges). For this one, I'd appreciate it if someone can try 
the reference decoder and see that it properly decodes this.

dish.ts: Similar to another problem report I've received.  Has to do with 
picture allocation logic. I am able to duplicate this with non-PAFF 
samples, as well.  From my examination it seems to be a standing bug in 
current ffmpeg svn.

I do intend to work on these, but right now my focus is on getting the 
base PAFF implementation into a form that can be accepted into ffmpeg svn.  


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