[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] Video decoder and demuxer for AMV files

Vladimir Pantelic pan
Wed Sep 26 20:16:28 CEST 2007

Vladimir Pantelic wrote:
> Vladimir Voroshilov wrote:
>> Hi, All.
>> amv_codec_ffmpeg.patch: Decoder for modified MJPEG, used it AMV files.
>> All video frames in this file are JPEG's without header, with applied
>> coded entropy data (i.e. added 0x00 bytes after each 0xff), enclosed
>> in SOI and EOI markers.
>> sp5x decoder code was reused.
> do you know for sure that the same DQT tables are used for AMV and SP5? (e.g.
> this perl script uses a different table:
> http://svn.rot13.org/index.cgi/amv/view/amv.pl)

Sorry to quote the whole patch for no reason in the last mail, I was in 
"corporate" mail-style mode :-)

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