[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] mingw memalign hack fix

David DeHaven dave
Mon Dec 1 22:14:36 CET 2008

>>> your code is still totally broken, the data in tha array after the
>>> call is
>>> just not what was there before.
>> I know, I figured it out after I sent that last patch and fixed it
>> already. I'd submit it but what's the point really?
>> -DrD-
> just my two cents,
> this could be implemented pretty trivially but less efficiently by
> implementing av_realloc using just malloc and memcpy instead of using
> realloc
> I prefer to have a slower mingw-ffmpeg than a crashing mingw-ffmpeg
> sometime in the future a fix could be applied in the implementation of
> mingw's realloc where it should be in the first place

I wouldn't sweat it right now... I didn't even narrow down the  
crashes, they could be something else entirely (e.g. build system  
related...) :)


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