[FFmpeg-devel] legal representation by the SFLC

François Revol revol
Fri Dec 12 15:12:55 CET 2008

> > OK, since I have had little direct feedback about this, I'd like to 
> > know
> > who got in contact with the SFLC and who sent them a signed 
> > engagement
> > letter so that I can estimate the strength we have here...
> I did not send any letter because my copyright is only on few files,
> and people can easily work around it by just configuring out v4l2 and
> the RTP muxer.
> Anyway, if the number of people signing the document is important 
> then
> I'll do it (next week, because I will have 0 time until monday).
> BTW, I am not sure if this would help, but I can happily assign my
> copyright to some major developer if this can make things easier to
> handle from a legal point of view (I think I can have an "Author: 
> Luca
> Abeni" line in the file header, and then a "Copyright <some other
> developer>").

In some countries this is not enough, as you cannot assign copyright 
this way (and they actually have something else than copyright), but I 
suppose it's enough.

I still need to read mine (what, you sign stuff without reading it ?


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