[FFmpeg-devel] Testing VDPAU patch for h264 decoding

Jean-Michel Pouré jm
Sun Dec 14 17:51:56 CET 2008

Dear friends,

At kdenlive.org, we would like to find a suitable solution to decode
AVCHD streams to display clips. We need two kinds of decoding:

1) Final rendering 

Precise software decoding/encoding is done during final rendering and
there is no reason to use hardware acceleration.

2) Video editing

During editing, we need very fast AVCHD decoding to display clips. But
this is only for display. We do not trust hardware encoders to provide
quality streams for professionnal video.

=> Just to say that in our opinion there is no competition between the
two ways to decode/encode. End-users should be able to switch from
software decoding to hardware decoding and the converse.

I would appreciate someone sending me the last version of the VDPAU h264
patch or pointing out a web page where I can find the last version of
the patch. On Nov 30, I was not registered on the ML. So I don't have
the patch. My email is jm at poure.com

Kind regards,

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