[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] define _BSD_SOURCE for bktr.c

Michael Niedermayer michaelni
Sun Dec 14 22:59:34 CET 2008

On Sun, Dec 14, 2008 at 08:45:42PM +0000, Jacob Meuser wrote:
> On Sun, Dec 14, 2008 at 02:31:32PM +0100, Diego Biurrun wrote:
> > IMO the ultimate goal should always be to send everything upstream and
> of course.
> > apply no patches.  It's not an impossible goal and it leads to better
> > quality software and less work and frustration for everybody involved.
> > 
> > And yes, the Debian OpenSSL disaster is a shining example of how things
> > can go wrong if this aim is disregarded.
> iirc, that was largely the result of upstream being rude for silly
> reasons ...

secure ... unless upstream is rude in which case, better use upstream which
oddly is not insecure due to its own rudeness.

Anyway, IMHO the issue is not rudeness but the problem that distros, and this
is true for all distros i know and most packeges not just ffmpeg are patched
far too much, and then end up buggier than where they not patched at all.

IMHO, if someone takes some program or lib and packages it for the first time
he should contact upstream and send all patches there _before_ ever applying
them to the public package. Only when upstream is unresponsive or braindead
should patches be applied to the package.
Also IMHO a packege maintainer should never apply a patch that he does not
personally fully understand or that someone trustworthy & knowledgeable in
the area has reviewed fully and approved.

I know the awnser to this would be that the quality standard isnt that high
in distros. Or in other words distros give a shit about their users systems
being rooted, crashing or just not working right, hell not even MS is having
such low quality standards.

But than distros pretend to their users that they have some kind of quality
standard. Ive never read something like:

trashlinux, everything that compiled somehow and that doesnt outright
segfault. Secure because its too unstable for crackers to be interrested.

anyway i hope you dont feel insulted due to this rant against distros it
really is not targeted to you ...


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