[FFmpeg-devel] GPL violation: ViO Mobile Video Converter

Matti Hamalainen mhamalai
Sat Dec 20 00:36:29 CET 2008


I recently stumbled to this piece of software that is being advertised on 
a well-known bittorrent tracker site (ahem). The familiar claims of 
supporting certain formats etc. immediately raised suspicions, so after 
quick run through WINE to unpack the contents of Win32 EXE installer it 
was revealed that the package employs several pieces of free software.

Some of these, such as MediaInfo, DGMPGDec and Vobsub are "credited", but 
neverthless a typical wrap-up EULA is provided to the user. FFmpeg is
not mentioned at all. Even GNU 'cat' utility is included for some reason.

FFmpeg is used as a separate executable (named as "VIOEngine.exe"), but 
seems to be a bastardized/modified version with all help-type options 
and some copyright information removed. At glance it also seems that x264, 
LAME and other libraries have been statically linked in the executable.

For some additional laughs, see the claims made on their technology page:

] ccr/TNSP^DKD^pWp :: ccr(at)tnsp(dot)org :: http://ccr.tnsp.org/
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