[FFmpeg-devel] GPL violation: ViO Mobile Video Converter

compn tempn
Sat Dec 20 04:54:57 CET 2008

On Sat, 20 Dec 2008 01:36:29 +0200 (EET), Matti Hamalainen wrote:
>I recently stumbled to this piece of software that is being advertised on 
>a well-known bittorrent tracker site (ahem). The familiar claims of 
>supporting certain formats etc. immediately raised suspicions, so after 
>quick run through WINE to unpack the contents of Win32 EXE installer it 
>was revealed that the package employs several pieces of free software.

thanks for investigating and reporting.

>Some of these, such as MediaInfo, DGMPGDec and Vobsub are "credited", but 
>neverthless a typical wrap-up EULA is provided to the user. FFmpeg is
>not mentioned at all. Even GNU 'cat' utility is included for some reason.
>FFmpeg is used as a separate executable (named as "VIOEngine.exe"), but 
>seems to be a bastardized/modified version with all help-type options 
>and some copyright information removed. At glance it also seems that x264, 
>LAME and other libraries have been statically linked in the executable.
>For some additional laughs, see the claims made on their technology page:
>] ccr/TNSP^DKD^pWp :: ccr(at)tnsp(dot)org :: http://ccr.tnsp.org/
>] Fingerprint: 0466 95ED 96DF 3701 C71D   D62D 10A6 28A6 1374 C112

maybe an email to the piratebay guys would get this fixed.


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