[FFmpeg-devel] llrint()..

Andreas Öman andreas
Mon Dec 22 23:39:05 CET 2008

Marc Mason wrote:
> Andreas Oman wrote:
>> For a system that does not have llrint() libavutil provides one.
>> However, the necessary header file is not included from the c-files
>> where llrint() is used.
> I believe this statement is incorrect.
> mpegaudiodec.c includes avcodec.h
> avcodec.h includes libavutil/avutil.h
> avutil.h includes common.h (in libavutil)
> common.h includes internal.h
> internal.h conditionally defines llrint

Very true indeed, I must have messed up something else in my
cross-compile environment, Sorry for the fuzz, I will revert this.

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