[FFmpeg-devel] ALT_BITSTREAM_READER vs. A32 on ARMv4

Mike . giac2000
Fri Dec 26 23:52:17 CET 2008


I'm decoding wma on ARMv4 using the ALT_BITSTREAM_READER.  The list indicates that the A32_BITSTREAM_READER should be faster, however in my testing its actually a bit slower.  Is there anything I'm missing (I simply forced the definition in bitstream.h to one or the other and benchmarked)?  Perhaps this is normal for ARM7TDMI?

Also, whats different about the two readers?  I've started digging through them but I'm not really sure why they do things differently.


It?s the same Hotmail?. If by ?same? you mean up to 70% faster.

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