[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] incorrect return type for opt_bitrate/type safety

Morten Hustveit lists
Wed Jan 2 00:25:22 CET 2008


during use I discovered that my -b and -vb options were rejected by ffmpeg.  In
the `options' array, the `opt_bitrate' function is declared to be a OPT_FUNC2
handler, yet it void.  OPT_FUNC2 handlers are supposed to return int, and
negative values for failures.

This is symptomatic of lack of type safety; the compiler could have warned about
passing an incorrect function pointer type if given the chance, but in every
case the pointers were casted to (void*).  I have attached a patch which
establishes type safety in the `options' array, in addition to removing all the
warnings this caused.

Morten Hustveit
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