[FFmpeg-devel] Fix for drawtext under FreeBSD

Eduardo M. Bragatto eduardo
Wed Jan 2 03:26:26 CET 2008

 > vhook is essentially deprecated as far as I am aware and libavfilter
 > is just being polished to be pulled in to trunk though I'm not sure
 > how much work remains to be done. However, as you say, it does seem
 > like a very small change, would be in favour of consistency with other
 > vhooks modules and you present a reasonable argument.

 From my point of view, it doesn't matter it is "deprecated" or not, 
it's still a part of the package that people use and it has an error, 
thus it should be fixed. There's no arguing about that. If it was truly 
deprecated, it would have been already removed from the package!

I also have a very good amount of customers using vhook functions, so if 
the change was added to the official code, it would definitely make my 
life easier (and a lot of other people's life that use the same vhook 
too). I'm just trying to help here... If it's not welcome just let me 
know, I hate flame wars, specially starting a new one...

> I expect someone will look at this shortly and give it a response.
> Please be patient and if no one has responded in a few more days then
> maybe no one is interested in vhooks.

I'm not really concerned about time response as I'm able to fix the 
problem myself when needed, I only contacted the list because I thought 
it would interest other people too.

But, if the developers are aware of such a simple error but are not 
willing to fix it (it doesn't even take one minute), then I'll have to 
think the ffmpeg project is not really that serious or committed to 
produce good quality software.

But, as I said, I don't start a flame war... I'll patiently wait for a 
reply before considering the development group a bunch of slack 
programmers hehehehe :) --- hey, just kidding ok? don't take it 
seriously! :D


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