[FFmpeg-devel] Fix for drawtext under FreeBSD

Robert Swain robert.swain
Wed Jan 2 18:10:41 CET 2008


On 02/01/2008, Eduardo M. Bragatto <eduardo at bragatto.com> wrote:
> Btw, can you answer me a question? Why is vhook considered to be
> deprecated at this time if the substitute (libavfilter) is not stable
> yet? Wouldn't it make more sense to only mark vhook as deprecated after
> having a stable substitute?

As you said yourself, if code is existing, being distributed and needs
fixing then it should be fixed even if it's going to be removed and I
think that's reasonable. However, vhooks seems to be considered a
poorly implemented filtering framework that is more of a bolt-on
temporary solution for those that absolutely need it than anything
that's intended to be significantly used or remain in the codebase in
the long term.

I'm mostly guessing here but this is the feel I get from the community.

I get the feeling that vhooks was deprecated when it was implemented,
it was just an easy way to do it at the time until a proper filter
framework could be implemented.

> I'm just _asking_, I'm not suggesting anybody to change anything, I
> already got pretty bad comments here while just trying to help.

I wasn't at all impolite to you in my initial response and I made the
response so that you wouldn't think you were being ignored, but you
proceeded to be rude to FFmpeg developers in general. If you received
a bad comment, from my perspective, you provoked it.

I was going to respond to your inflammatory e-mail but I refrained as
I didn't see there being any gain in doing so. I would recommend you
be more wary of insulting people who don't know you in future,
especially if you're trying to get them to give some time to you.

Anyway, vhooks isn't marked as deprecated, it's just considered
deprecated as it is dirty and there is a shortly (hopefully) pending


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