[FFmpeg-devel] Fix for drawtext under FreeBSD

Víctor Paesa wzrlpy
Wed Jan 2 21:18:17 CET 2008


Eduardo M. Bragatto said:
> V?ctor Paesa wrote:
>> The vhook framework is deprecated but bug fixes are still accepted so
>> please provide one patch in diff -Naur format for *all* the vhooks
>> that set optind to zero.
>> If no developer raises his voice against, I will apply it in a week.
> Hi Victor,
> thanks for your promptly reply. The only vhook that I could find such a
> problem was drawtext.c, so here it goes the patch as you requested for
> that file. I used the full checkout code from 2008-01-02 to create the
> patch.

I'd say there are more besides drawtext.c :

$ grep 'optind.*=' *.c
drawtext.c:    optind = 0;
fish.c:    optind = 0;
imlib2.c:    optind = 0;
watermark.c:    optind = 1;

> Btw, can you answer me a question? Why is vhook considered to be
> deprecated at this time if the substitute (libavfilter) is not stable
> yet? Wouldn't it make more sense to only mark vhook as deprecated after
> having a stable substitute?

Well, marking vhook as deprecated "motivates" people to
start testing libavfilter, and then it will become stable sooner ...


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