[FFmpeg-devel] audio_resample 5.1->stereo

Benjamin Larsson banan
Thu Jan 3 10:41:58 CET 2008

Brian Connolly wrote:
> Hey there:
> I've been hacking around with ffmpeg for about a year now... I've been
> using the libavcodec/libavformat C APIs with great success, in order to
> teach myself the basics of the AV world. Thanks alot for the great
> software, everyone.
> However, I just hit a snag that forced me to modify the ffmpeg sources:
> I needed the audio resampler to be able to convert 5.1 audio streams
> down to stereo. 
> Is anyone else working to fix this? I've created a quick fix based on
> some algorithms I found in various email discussions. Would it be
> possible to add this code (or something like it) to the official ffmpeg
> source so i wont need to continually patch my local code?
> Below is the output of "svn diff" in my local source tree...
> Thanks,
> Bri

Hi, I'm working on mixing also, abit slowly but it will be finished 

The current wip template can be found here.


Benjamin Larsson

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