[FFmpeg-devel] [Spam] Re: [PATCH] av_register_all not always initializes correctly

Rich Felker dalias
Thu Jan 3 19:21:37 CET 2008

On Thu, Jan 03, 2008 at 09:36:43AM -0300, Gonzalo Garramu?o wrote:
> Michael Niedermayer wrote:
> > 
> > quoting the C spec
> > 
> Can't fight that.  That being said, I'd request for the patch to still 
> be considered as it makes the implicit explicit.

No, anyone who remotely knows C knows this, and also traditional
environments put explicitly-initialized data in the data section
(which uses space on disk) while implicitly initialized are in the bss
section (backed by the copy-on-write zero page). Modern gcc puts both
in bss by default, which is stupid because it does nothing useful for
correct code (without explicit initialization) and breaks some
traditional systems-level code (nonportable of course) which depends
on the data/bss distinction.

> That being said, the reason for the patch was I was also experiencing 
> somewhat erratic initialization with mingw32 (but when mixing it with 
> msvc).  I'll probably keep doing some more testing as I hunt for the 
> problem I'm seeing with ff_cropTbl.

Probably mingw has a bug with bss. Changing individual initializers is
NOT the way to fix this; there are thousands. Also modern gcc will
move them all back to bss for you anyway, I suspect...


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