[FFmpeg-devel] netiquette

madshi dear
Fri Jan 4 20:11:00 CET 2008

Diego Biurrun schrieb:
> You were debugging a problem you yourself were having,
> I was not having that problem. 

Then obviously you've never used a more recent SVN of the libav DTS decoder.

(No offense to the DTS decoder guys. It's working great apart from that 
little but important bug.)

 > It is welcome that you share your findings with us, but that
 > does not excuse you from following the mailing list rules.

And I already agreed with that and apologized.

 > My first message also just told you that thread hijacking is
 > a good way to get ignored. This is true. Most thread hijackers
 > do get ignored completely. I chose to point this detail out to
 > you so that you had a chance to avoid this fate.

So you posted with good will, I appreciate that. However, your post also 
made me feel somewhat like a criminal at the same time. You made it 
sound as if I was *intentionally* hijacking and violating rules while in 
fact it was an accident.

Btw, I got a reply from one of the DTS decoder maintainers directly 
after my first (thread hijacking) post. Thankfully fixing bugs in his 
code seems to be more important to him than some mailing list behaviour 
rules. He saw that my intention was good and kindly ignored my 
accidental mistake. Kudos to him.

 > I maintain that it is rude to ask questions that Google answers
 > perfectly on the first hit.

You know, I thought I knew what "top-posting" is. I thought it would 
mean adding a post to the beginning of a thread instead of at the end. I 
just couldn't see how you could top-post (in the way I thought) in a 
mailing list. That's why I didn't even think about asking google. 
Anyway, asking a stupid question may be stupid but not rude in my book.

Let's stop it here. I'm neither angry nor offended. I hope the same is 
true with you. So let's just call it a day. Ok?

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