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Michael Niedermayer michaelni
Mon Jan 14 19:11:34 CET 2008

On Mon, Jan 14, 2008 at 06:24:22PM +0100, Sigbj?rn Skj?ret wrote:
> [..Please CC me if you want me to reply, otherwise I'll have to break the thread like now..]
> @michael:
> >> av_fast_realloc.diffs: Since all the other mem-funcs have been moved to avutil
> >> this one really belongs there as well...
> > this is no reason to make it part of the public API of libavutil
> Uhm, why not? It's part of avcodec's public API, just like the other funcs were

true still, libavutil is not a trashcan, all functions there must be needed,
usefull, clean, ...
just because a function is part of lav* public API does not mean its needed
nor that it should be in lavu
that said i did not say it should not be in libavutil, just that the reason
you provide is not an argument toward it
one would have to demonstrate that av_fast_realloc() is of practical use, 
important, well designed, clean, ...
IIRC there were some benchmarks posted a while ago which showed some speed
gain over normal av_realloc() with GNU libc

> before they were moved, and it's just a variation of av_realloc anyway.
> >> averror.diffs changes AVERROR_NOFMT to use a commonly available define instead
> >> (arbitrarily chosen, anything would do), however as this might be viewed as
> >> breaking ABI there's also averror2.diffs which will define EILSEQ if it doesn't
> >> exist already. Pick the one you like the best...
> > libav* cannot #define standard E* in a public header
> > also arbitrarily choosen E* as error codes is not acceptable
> Ok, then I'm open to suggestions, what is the best suited errorcode? EILSEQ
> doesn't define the error any better than ENOEXEC...

i dunno, but i wont change a bad one to another bad one and while doing so
possibly break some applications


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