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Michael Niedermayer michaelni
Tue Jan 15 16:09:36 CET 2008

On Tue, Jan 15, 2008 at 07:02:32AM +0100, Sigbj?rn Skj?ret wrote:
> @M?ns:
> >>>> [..Please CC me if you want me to reply, otherwise I'll have to break the thread like now..]
> >> *cough* -^
> > If you're going to participate in discussions, I strongly advise you
> > to do whatever you have to in order to create proper replies with
> > references.
> Sigh, why do you think I keep telling you to CC? :P

Well i would CC you if i didnt forget it every time :)
Now it happened again, i pressed r and am too lazy to go back and press
something else. After all you are also to lazy to find a way to create proper
replies. Also my MUA connects the mails based on subj if they lack the
proper headers but look like replies.

> >> Ok, so would an acceptable approach be to define AVERROR_NOFMT to something
> >> else if EILSEQ doesn't exist (then ABI is intact on systems avcodec already
> >> builds on, and will actually build on the rest)?
> > What makes you believe EILSEQ is even remotely appropriate here?
> > EILSEQ is intended for things like invalid multi-byte characters, not
> > random "something not found" errors.
> Uhm, I already said EILSEQ is quite inappropriate, however there is no good
> posix E* to match the definition of AVERROR_NOFMT, so either get rid of the
> posix E*s (like already suggested), or atleast use E*s that exist everywhere.
> @Michael:
> >> A sane approach would be adding APIs for managing these opaque structs, but
> >> IIRC you were against that since it would make everything depend on the
> >> mem-funcs .. well, personally I don't think that's so bad (atleast not as bad
> >> as it is now)...
> > See above
> > If you have a suggestion which would be cleaner while retaining simple code,
> > high speed and low memory requirements, just say it ...
> Well, it's obviously not possible to avoid malloc&co without adding callbacks,
> but that would rule out stuffing it to stack...

Well, you might be unaware but the current tree code does avoid malloc&co
without callbacks. Only the destroy function is missing but its not needed
in the normal *malloc() free usecase. And with av_malloc() the current (old)
destroy works fine.

> >> So you're argumenting towards the removal of this function from avcodec? ;)
> > i wanted to remove it, yes
> > but someone posted benchmarks showing its faster than gnu libc realloc() so i
> > wont remove it
> Well, if it's good enough not to get removed, and by that definition better
> than av_realloc as well, does it not belong in avutil? ;)

maybe but i think someone should
* redo the benchmarks just to check its still worth it
* check that the growing algorithm is a good choice in terms of
  wasted memory vs. speed
* change the argument to size_t of all the *alloc() functions on the next
  verstion bump

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