[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] Bunch of accumulated patches...

Sigbjørn Skjæret cisc
Tue Jan 15 22:27:06 CET 2008

> Well i would CC you if i didnt forget it every time :)
> Now it happened again, i pressed r and am too lazy to go back and press
> something else. After all you are also to lazy to find a way to create proper
> replies. Also my MUA connects the mails based on subj if they lack the
> proper headers but look like replies.

Then so be it, we shall both succumb to our sins of sloth (or I'll look into
Diego's suggestion; whichever takes less effort). :P

>>> If you have a suggestion which would be cleaner while retaining simple code,
>>> high speed and low memory requirements, just say it ...
>> Well, it's obviously not possible to avoid malloc&co without adding callbacks,
>> but that would rule out stuffing it to stack...
> Well, you might be unaware but the current tree code does avoid malloc&co
> without callbacks. Only the destroy function is missing but its not needed
> in the normal *malloc() free usecase. And with av_malloc() the current (old)
> destroy works fine.

I did actually notice, the only problem is that it uses av_tree_node_size to
accomplish this, which kind of brings us full circle .. having the caller
allocating something your code is solely responsible for manipulating is a bad
idea on several levels.


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