[FFmpeg-devel] [RFC] [PATCH] Indicate better when transposing zigzag scantables is needed in some codecs

Christophe GISQUET christophe.gisquet
Sat Jan 19 15:00:36 CET 2008


Kostya a ?crit :
> I don't like at all.
> a) exposing function
> c) checking whether scantable needs transposing in this way is ugly
> Look how it is done for 8x8 IDCT, for example.

Well, that's exactly what H.264 does, and Micha?l didn't seem to care.

You do, but then Micha?l doesn't like my initial proposal, which was
mimicking what is done for 8x8 idct in intent (except permutation_type
shouldn't be abused).

So we have to find a 3rd one. Any idea?

> b) doxygen comment should belong to another patch

Fair enough.

Best regards,
Christophe GISQUET

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