[FFmpeg-devel] Support for generating avm2 compatible swf files

Paul Egan paulegan
Sun Jan 20 12:01:19 CET 2008

As suggested, I've changed the tag name and documented
the tag value with the explicit setting of each bit.

There didn't seem to be any conclusion as to how best
to support specifying format versions, so I've left the
use of a "dummy" format as is.

Hope that's acceptable.

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Paul Egan wrote:
>> [...]
> I wasn't sure of the convention for adding a new version of a
> file format.  What would be acceptable?
>> why is the version not always set to the newest, does it fail with
>> programs?
> Users of older versions of the Flash player can happily 
> interact with older version swf files - this issue effects
> only those developers/users using an AVM2 based application.
> If a version 9 swf file was generated by default, it wouldn't
> be usable by older players.
>> what does the newly added chunk mean and why is it not always added?
> When loading a swf, AVM2 looks at both the version number 
> and the file attribute tag to determine if the movie clip is
> AVM2 [3].  The attribute tag should probably be added to v8 
> swf files as well, but I didn't want to change existing 
> functionality.

If tag is FILEATTRIBUTE, better naming it that way, and use
Can you document (in comments) which feature your are setting with this
tag ?

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