[FFmpeg-devel] regression - mpeg2 interlace/topfield flags not set anymore

christophelorenz christophelorenz
Mon Jan 28 10:33:14 CET 2008

Rich Felker wrote:

> No, it breaks things on CORRECT platforms for the sake of working
>around a bug on BROKEN platforms. This is unacceptable.

If tomorrow someone writes a piece of code that follows C99 standard and 
works ok on xxx but fails under linux, what will happen ?
After that will come C102, C150, C200 and all will be different again 
and broken again.

We live in a world full of unacceptable things (more important than a 
computer standards), however if you want to move on, you have to make 

I can hardly believe it is the first time ff contains a workaround for 
some faulty implementation.
Unless you're coding hello world, I can safely say that all libs on all 
platforms are broken somewhere. Just that some are less than others....


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