[FFmpeg-devel] Stream selection - how to?

Ronald S. Bultje rsbultje
Thu Jul 3 15:07:46 CEST 2008


what's the current status / TODO of stream selection? I noticed
AVStream::disposition, how does that work? Is there documentation? For
example, do I set st->id to the same number for all streams? Or is
there another way that makes apps understand which streams belong
together (maybe just by CODEC_TYPE_*)? Is there any for which it is
implemented in such a way that it works with ffplay (including
available sample streams that I can play with)? If not, how is it
proposed to work in apps and how is it proposed to be implemented in
ffplay (I'd make the patch if I know what's left to do and how it
should work).

Slightly related, did the MMS patch ever get somewhere? It was facing
this also...


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