[FFmpeg-devel] Ruku currently violating GPL with their Netflix Player?

matthieu castet castet.matthieu
Tue Jul 8 20:47:33 CEST 2008

Andreas Setterlind wrote:
> violating the GPL as they has only released the third-party source
> source libraries and none of their own Netflix player code? As I
> understand the GPL, if you use GPL in your project then you are
> obligated to release the full source code of the project that the GPL
> code is used in, or?
> http://www.roku.com/community/gpl_nfp.php
I don't see ffmpeg on the list of released libraries. Why a post in this 
mailling list.

Also not all the library are gpl, some are lgpl (for example alsa-lib) 
and allow to link them with close source application.

Also for GPL library case you need to release _only_ code link to these 
libraries under gpl, but you can use some IPC to do a close source 
player that receive stream from GPL software...

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