[FFmpeg-devel] Codec detailed info (continuation)

Ramiro Polla ramiro
Fri Jul 11 16:01:34 CEST 2008


> I've manage to delete all my old mails, so i'm unable to reply
> to the original thread [1].

Gmane is your friend... Just open the message you want and append /raw 
to the URL:


> Here is an updated version which also extends av_find_stream_info()
> with a new flag to force the function to open all codecs and get
> the info. Obivously, this is API breaking. (version bump not
> included in patch)
> Two other options would be:
> a) Rename av_find_stream_info() => av_find_stream_info_ext() and
>    keep the old function around which just invokes the _ext() one
>    with a 0 flag argument,

I think the preferred way to add such functions is just adding numbers 
like av_find_stream_info2(). Otherwise it looks too much like the 
Windows API =).

Ramiro Polla

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